Ashley’s love for natural, healthy food, inspired her to become a plant-based chef. With her nutritious dishes that consist of fresh ingredients like vegetables and fragrant herbs, she caters to vegans, transitioning vegans, and anyone else looking to live a healthier lifestyle to help them reach their desired health goals.

Chef Ashley founded The Vegan Plan Experience in 2016. The Vegan Plan Experience program offers various services including catering, meal prep, and event hosting, as well as a personal chef option. Ashley’s objective is to assist children and adults in living a healthy and prosperous life by teaching them how to make better eating choices. After educating herself with the skills needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the book, “Introduction to natural hygiene” by Ra Maa Nu Amen Bey, encouraged Ashley to fully commit to a plant-based lifestyle. 

Her Jamaican and Chinese background left Ashley craving for cultural flavors in her new cuisine as she found it difficult to find meals that represented the heart and soul of the dishes that she grew up eating like her Grandma’s Mushroom & Chicken. With extensive research in the plant-based food industry, she discovered a flavor void in most of the recipes. To make her name as a chef in plant-based cuisine, Ashley slowly started cooking a line of her favorite cultural dishes for family and friends with a vegan spin. Her innovative approach to cultural cooking led her to build a client following that included hundreds of new and inspiring vegans. Through experimentation and exploration, Ashley soon developed countless dishes using ingredients like natural herbs commonly found in West Indian cuisine like Curry and stews. One of Ashley’s most popular dishes is her “Un-Tuna Melt” made from chickpeas and traditional flavors found in tuna salad like relish onions and Ashley’s favorite Ol’ Bay seasoning.

Ashley helped open A LIVE KITCHEN located in Laurelton, NY in January 2019. A LIVE KITCHEN is a plant-based, organic restaurant that has joined the fight to combat community obesity. You can spot a few of her recipes on the menu like “Rasta Pasta” and Ashley’s “Ital Stew.” Ashley has spoken at numerous events like “Totality food, faith & fitness” and the “Baldwin Afro Fest.” The Vegan Plan Experience puts on the annual “Grill n’ Chill” hosted by Ashley and her partner The Vegan Food God every summer. Ashley will continue to speak and cook at other events to help improve the health of those within the black community.

Leading with love in all that we do creates a chain reaction of love. We are living on valued energy spend it wisely.

In the kitchen with my music bumping creating plant-based comfort meals from my heart to your soul.

Morning meditations followed by key lime tea and yoga. Journaling has been a part of my daily rituals for the past few years it helps me gain clarity.